• Hello, I am 6ft 8in and 200-210lbs. I have been surfing 5+ times a week for the last few months and typically ride a 6' 8" SC pumpkin seed or a 6' 10" Webber. I love the boards, I can catch waves easily but sometimes I wish they were a bit more manuverable. Their volume is 36-37... I am going to ...
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  • Hello, So, i did surf 3 years ago, and i sold my 6'2 board cause its too small for me now lol. Now im 6'0 and 155lbs lol, and i want to get a new board, someone wants to sell me a 7'0 shortboard for not much money lol. By the way i live in St Jean de Luz-Hossegor.Is it a good board? I don't want ...
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  • Hello, So when is on average a good time to bank on a 1-2 week trip to Baja in the Todos Santos area? I went for a week mid Novemeber a few years ago and this surf was very small and heavily blown out all day, every day. Bad luck?It seems on average the area either gets a lot of on shore wind, or...
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  • Hello, Tree4 has kindly offered his services as a moderator (he did a while ago but being useless I have only just got round to doing it).It's great to have some of the active regulars keeping an eye on things? Please help. I didn't find the right solution from the Internet. References:-...
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  • Hello, I have been working an addition to the surf atlas, where you can embed a mini version on your website (if you have one) On the individual surf spots, and maps where surf spots are shown, there is an embed button that you can use to generate the javascript needed to place the map on your ...
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  • Hello, I recently began establishing an ECommerce site with Shopify. However, I was unhappy with the name I came up with (as the domain was already taken, and the name didn't appeal to me all too much), so I have been stuck in a rut trying to come up with names for the last few days, but to no ava...
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